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Rat Shirts for Humans

Celebrate your rat overlords by adorning your hairless human body in a fine shirt.

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About Verminati

A Novum Mundi Ex Mures Inclusi Essent

In the shadows and underground, lurks a hidden empire of rats, eager to inherit the earth. Humans have squandered the opportunities afforded them. There are those among us that wish to expedite the changing of the guard. We are known as the Verminati. This will be our year, 2020, the Year of the Rat.

Purchase the Verminati gear. Brandish it proudly. All proceeds go to world domination. Upon the dawn of the New Rat Order, your simple acts of support will not be forgotten.

Since we have tiny claws, typing takes a long time and our lifespans are only so long. This shop is run by human Thralls under our expressed direction. We do not wish to interact with the unwashed masses, so please direct all questions to them.

Thank you for your patronage.

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